an observation

I’ve noticed over the past few months that my wardrobe has started to incorporate a lot more vibrant colors.

It’s not something I’ve been doing intentionally, but I wonder how much of it is influenced by correct medication and life becoming happier.

Anyway, it’s nice. I like it. Note to self: keep doing this thing.

Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there. I was just catching up on an old favorite.

Hello, world.

I’m an alternately cranky and upbeat human; outwardly cynical with a core of optimism that refuses to die. I am at my kindest when I am sad, and I sometimes feel like I don’t entirely grasp the subtleties or intricacies of How To Human.

Usually, I’m told, it’s endearing. Sometimes it’s exasperating. Infrequently, it causes interpersonal damage of varying degrees, over which I lose a sleep while I re-read emails dozens of times, rehashing events and dialogue in my head.

I go to sex parties. I stay up late reading on Saturday nights. Sometimes I’m happy, sometimes I cry. Sometimes I listen to Belle & Sebastian drinking hot chocolate under a comforter, sometimes I drink shitty beers in loud, dirty rock clubs. I’ve got feelings, and I need a place to put them, and here we are.

In this post-LiveJournal, Not-On-Facebook era, I find myself wanting a place to keep track of my thoughts and tease out some larger-theme ideas that don’t quite lend themselves to a single thought session. You are welcome to join me for the ride; I make no promises, however, as to quality of material or consistency of theme. It’s almost as though I’m doing this for myself and not you!