god is in the rain

There’s a certain beauty in sadness that I think is difficult to fully appreciate when feeling content.

I find myself, when feeling down, really appreciating the softness and kindness and gentle nature of the things and people around me and trying to radiate the same. Maybe it’s because that, biochemically, is what I’m drawn towards at the moments in question, or maybe I just notice it more. It could be that those things just get overlooked or rushed past in the normal daily reality of a productive, fast-paced human being. For whatever reason, it’s a strangely alluring phenomenon. Not entirely healthy, probably. Just… comfortably softer, like an old blanket I can curl up under.

an observation

I’ve noticed over the past few months that my wardrobe has started to incorporate a lot more vibrant colors.

It’s not something I’ve been doing intentionally, but I wonder how much of it is influenced by correct medication and life becoming happier.

Anyway, it’s nice. I like it. Note to self: keep doing this thing.

Sentencing guidelines

Question for self: what is the most healthy, constructive way to positively move forward in a community after recognizing non-zero harm one has done?

Are we defined by what we have said and done? Is there a path forward? Is it a disservice, having reflected and learned, to forgive ourselves and change our ways, or is the damage and necessary penance permanent? Is reintegration possible?